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Why buy a 1080P projector?
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Why buy a 1080P projector?

First, let's look at the definitions of 720P and 1080P, respectively!Definition of 720P: 720P is a display format with a resolution of 1280 720 under progressive scanning.Definition of 1080P: 1080P is a video display format, the foreign language letter P means progressive scanning, is a progressive scanning in 1920 1080 resolution of the display format.

Although the difference between 1080P full HD projector and 720P projector is large, but in the small screen viewing environment, especially for small household consumers, then the difference is not very big. In addition, the dynamic screen, may be no difference, relative to the static screen, see it.

To sum up, from the current projection market, 1080P full HD projector has been the standard of all families of users, so in order to not frequent updates in the future, it is recommended to buy 1080P resolution!(it's worth noting that the same source suppressed the same video, 720P format is several times larger than the 1080P file, so it's recommended to choose 720P, especially in the case of action movies. At the same resolution, you can see the bitrate, which gives better picture quality and larger files. 

Above is about the projector two resolutions 1080P and 720P related content, if you have the ability you can choose the 1080P full HD projector. For the new entry of consumers can choose 720P as experience, after all, the price is not expensive! In this era of 4K is about to be popularized, but the 1080P full HD projector will definitely be the first choice!
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