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What Is A Portable LED Home Projector?
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What Is A Portable LED Home Projector?

First we need to know what is what is a portable LED home projector, speaking of "portable", just as its name implies is the volume of the device over traditional projector more small and light, easy to carry, and joined the new type of light source. The effect of traditional light source is not portable, LED light source is mostly adopted technology, now has developed the laser light source, the advantage of long service life of new light source, in energy saving and reducing the speed of intensity attenuation. 

Configuration of a system operating smoothly feature-rich machine can be called a good portable LED home projector, simple interface, strong compatibility, stable and reliable system is very important, the most domestic models are directly transplanting or tablet Android system on the projector. If badly optimized caton, there will be a long time using the system unstable, these problems need to be software engineers to test optimization of continual improvement, combined with more platforms at the same time, so we can let our resources more abundant.

Because we buy most of the portable LED home projector equipped with a built-in system itself, so the HDMI interface and USB interface is not often used. But the power interface is different, the power of the portable LED home projector interface is usually located at the right rear, with such a design, we often encounter problems if you want to put the screen projection to the ceiling, you have to be put back on the table. If you want to project a ceiling, the back won't fit on the table. However, for the "ceiling guy," that's still not very satisfactory. So you have to choose a model that has the power cord on one side of the body to avoid the embarrassment of having the power cord on the back of the body close to the desktop.
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