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What Is A Pico WIFI Projector?
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What Is A Pico WIFI Projector?

What is a pico WIFI projector? This is the first problem to be solved. Since with the word "micro", it shows that the pico WIFI projector compared to the traditional projector volume to be small and many, followed by the use of pico WIFI projector new light source, because the traditional light source can not do "micro". The new light source includes LED light source and laser light source. The advantage of a new light source is that it lasts longer, saves energy and decreases brightness less quickly. In addition, the function of WIFI has been added. 

Secondly, the micro projector must have a system, which is the basic industry regulations. Micro projector system is very important, whether it is to see their own blockbusters, or for children to see animation, the system itself can let users get rid of the output device limitations. And has the intelligent system to be able to support the screen function. 

LED micro projector is DLP projection technology, there is no LCD technology of the micro projector. There are some LED projectors on Taobao that cost 300 yuan to 1,000 yuan. The LED light sources used in these products are quite different from those used for true miniature projection. 

Micro projectors use RGB LED light source, namely tricolor LED light source, while these cheap projectors use lighting LED light source, the difference in color between the two is huge. And these cheap LED projectors are bulky and use single-chip LCD technology for projection, so the picture is rough and the contrast is poor. You must recognize the true colors of this kind of products if you want to buy a real mini WIFI projector.
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