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The Advantages of a Mini Bluetooth Projector
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The Advantages of a Mini Bluetooth Projector

The Topkey brand mini Bluetooth projector is powerful and easy to use, with plenty of connectivity options, making it a great choice for offices and home theaters. It's more portable than most other projectors on the small market, and it comes with a portable bag for transportation and storage. Smaller than most mini projectors, it also takes full advantage of its size and offers a variety of ports, so you can connect the electronics and storage you need. It has HDMI input, support for USB storage and composite video, WIFI, Bluetooth, and coaxial connectors. It's as bright as some powerful projectors and has an impressive high contrast ratio of 100,001:

1.It also has a high projection ratio, automatic trapezoid correction adjustment and manual focus.And it sounds good. It can easily fill a room with medium to large volume and good sound quality. This product is a beautiful power plant, and its many functions make it an ideal choice for offices and home theaters. You can set up the projector in a small or unevenly lit room because its short projection ratio is ideal. Tested various video's on the product in bright and dark scenes and found that the product performed well. The picture is bright and the details are clearly visible. 

2.Color never seems to go away. In addition, the projector's original resolution is 1280x800 pixels, and you can zoom in on video to 1080, so your movie will always look clean. This mini Bluetooth projector comes with a small remote control, but it can also be used for full menu navigation and manual focus adjustment on the device. A large number of vents on both sides of the device are kept well ventilated, so fans do not operate loudly even in heavy use. The lens is placed on a mini Bluetooth projector with an attached lens cover. For many people who enjoy watching movies, it is a good choice to buy a projector.
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