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Purchase of Portable LED Home Projector
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Purchase of Portable LED Home Projector

The projector is a powerful entertainment device, especially for small parties, but it is too expensive for every family to afford. However, portable LED home projector has the advantages of cheap price, small size, convenient to carry, etc., favored by many consumers. However, compared with traditional projectors, portable LED home projectors are inferior in brightness and picture quality. So, how to buy performance, quality are good micro projector?

1.Parameters: it is crucial to see the parameters clearly when choosing portable LED home projector. The main configuration parameters of the portable projector are resolution, contrast, brightness, etc., all of which are related to the actual effect of the projector. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the projector, the clearer the projected image quality, the higher the contrast, the clearer and more eye-catching the projected image. And brightness is about to choose according to actual domestic environment, generally speaking the brightness of 3000 bright current is enough.

2.Portability: since it is a home projector, it is better to carry it conveniently. At this time, portability is very important. The projectors using DLP projection technology will be smaller in size and easier to carry.

3.Supported decoding function: portable LED home projector supports the decoding format of 2D and 3D, which must be clearly seen when you choose. Many movies now support 3D formats, and if the projector can't decode the 3D movie, the performance will be greatly reduced, and it won't bring the visual experience in the cinema.

4. The length of the life of the bulb: in the purchase of portable LED home projector, lay consumers will always be the resolution, high contrast, high lumen to confuse, often ignore the life of the bulb. A lot of inferior projector bulb life is only thousands of hours, it is easy to break, replace a bulb is not cheap, so choose a high-life bulb is very important.
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