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How To Do the Background Wall of the Home Projector?
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How To Do the Background Wall of the Home Projector?

The rise of all sorts of liquid crystal TV and projector on the market now let the life quality of people rise ceaselessly. But most of families want to install projector in the sitting room nevertheless, do not know how to set the wall. Here are some tips about how to design TV wall when install projector.

1. Choosing Anti - light Curtain

Compared directly laid in metope light curtain, white wall, resistance to light curtain can better reflect the  1080P full HD projector and make to reduce the influence of environmental light on the picture, is one of the most common. Whether fixed hard screen to screen resistance or scroll can receive electric curtain, only need to set aside the appropriate space near the wall.

2. Making the whole wall into a bookcase/display rack.

If you are the person that likes to read a book, you can design the sitting room to hold the function of the study concurrently and design TV metope to be bookcase. Of course, if you have the hobby that collects, you can regard it as show and design curtain as electric curtain. The 1080P full HD projector  effect will not change, also can meet the needs of consumers.

3. Blanking the Wall

If you want a bit simpler, you can make it blank metope by brushing metope directly emulsioni paint, perhaps drawing the design that a few oneself like directly hold adornment function concurrently. The 1080P full HD projector can fully meet the projection effect.
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