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How to choose the Home Mini Led Projector
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How to choose the Home Mini Led Projector

What are the key indicators for purchasing a home mini led projector? Brightness is also crucial. Although some fake LED projectors say their brightness can reach 4000 lumens, but as a matter of fact, the true brightness of such products only reaches dozens of lumens. Wanting to get a bright picture, you should buy a home mini led projector with an regular RGB LED.

The home mini led projector with RGB LED light source is labeled as 1000 lumens. After the actual test, the general ANSI brightness is about 700 lumens, and the brightness of 300 lumens is about 210 lumens according to this ratio. Although the 70% calculation is not completely accurate, I can roughly judge the brightness of a home mini led projector.

So, what is ANSI brightness? The home mini led projector is entitled 1000 lumens, that is, the peak brightness is 1000 lumens. At this time, the color and contrast of the picture cannot support normal use, and under the optimal state of color, its brightness will be reduced, but this brightness is the most commonly used brightness in the actual application of users, which is called the ANSI brightness. Among them, home mini led projector of the "Topkey" series produced by shenzhen topach technology co., LTD test ANSI brightness and viewing brightness are basically the same, which has the most valuable numbers.

The second important element is resolution. At present, the resolution specifications of home mini led projector are not in a great number. Generally, there are three resolutions: 1280 *800, 1280 *720 and 1920 *1080. These three resolutions can be used to see the video effect. Of course, there are products with the lower resolution, but those are usually pocket projection products having the dozens of lumen.

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