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How to Buy a Pico WIFI Projector?
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How to Buy a Pico WIFI Projector?

Brightness is of vital importance to the miniature WIFI projector. The brighter the product is, the better it will display under the influence of the same ambient light, and vice versa. At present, the mainstream micro-investment products on the market all adopt the DLP technology LED light source, and the household type micro WIFI projector is generally between 500ANSI lumen and 1000ANSI lumen, while the pico WIFI projector with thousands of ANSI lumen is basically not available.In this way, some people have questions: why in the market, are thousands of lumen of micro projector? This has to do with two ways of judging brightness: ANSI lumen and ISO lumen. Because the two brightness detection and evaluation methods are not the same, so the brightness value produced is not the same. Some of the more blatant parameter modification, marking the actual 200ANSI lumen as 1000ANSI lumen is higher, which leads to a lot of consumers will be very disappointed when they start to purchase such products, which not only damages the rights and interests of consumers, but also disrupts the healthy development of the whole market.

As can be seen from the parameter table of the pico WIFI projector, the resolution is generally divided into original resolution and maximum resolution. The original resolution refers to the actual resolution of the product, which is the best resolution supported by the machine. The maximum resolution is the maximum resolution that can be compatible with the machine. When playing pictures or video with this resolution, the picture is usually compressed, which will affect the picture quality. HD has become the most important topic here. For projection, the resolution reaches 720p, which is HD. 1280*720 and 1280*800 belong to the HD resolution category. In addition to the difference between the original resolution and the maximum resolution, consumers should also understand the definition of 720p HD and 1080p full HD when purchasing home projection, and see the actual standard resolution of the machine.
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