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Functions Of Portable LED Home Projector
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Functions Of Portable LED Home Projector

From the current projector industry trends, new light sources, high resolution will be the main trend in the future. Since the LED projector entered the market in 2008, limited by the low brightness and resolution, picture quality has not been recognized by the majority of users. Topkey, which has been deeply developing the projection market for many years, has been working on the research and development of LED light source products for many years. Through years of research, the company has released a portable LED home projector with 1080P full HD brightness in the market, which is noble in appearance design.

The newly designed Topkey portable LED home projector is very impressive. The main body color is atmospheric white, simple yet noble. At the same time, draw lessons from the current consumer electronics design elements, especially the round metal polishing machine edges, specular surface smooth make it modern, the design feels dye-in-the-wood. Moreover the volume is thin, occupies small space, could be carried everywhere, lets the mobile commerce conference demonstrate at any time anywhere. Topkey portable LED home projector has a high quality, and up to 1000 lumen high brightness. 

At the same time, the use of red, green, blue these three primary colors of the LED light source technology extension Topkey portable LED home projector, through the three colors of LED light in turn in chronological order form a combination of different colour change, realize the dynamic change of rich and colorful effect, can achieve a wider color gamut and good color reduction, the picture has a deeper color saturation. Its contrast is as high as 10000:1, and, in order to meet the needs of the high-end business market, it has SRGB color mode, to be able to present the original picture color, for designers, advertisers proposal to be able to show the real picture content, perfect performance of the program, is the business people's ideal choice!
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