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Development History of LED Home Projector
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Development History of LED Home Projector

CRT is short for cathode ray tube, which is one of the earliest and most widely used projection technology. Its technical characteristics are basically the same as those of CRT displays. CRT projector has the advantages of rich color display, good reductivity, and rich geometric distortion adjustment ability. But the CRT projector complex operation, especially convergence adjusting trival, and projector larger volume, only suitable for installation in weak light conditions, relatively fixed places, such as conference center, auditorium, large entertainment venues and needs of real-time monitoring. CRT projector also must have a well-trained professionals for installation and adjustment. At the same time, the price of CRT projectors is expensive, and the general unit cannot afford it. Therefore, under the market offensive of LED, LCD, DLP and other new projectors, the market share of CRT projectors declines year by year and has a tendency of further decline, especially after the launch of LED home projector

LCD projector is divided into LCD board projector and LCD light valve projector two. The imaging device of LCD panel projector is LCD panel, which is a kind of passive projection mode. It mainly uses external light source, metal halogen lamp or UHP(cold light source) to generate projected images. According to the number of LCD plate difference, LCD plate projector can be divided into three projector and single plate projector. At present, three - chip projector occupies an important position in LCD projector. The characteristic of projector of sheet liquid crystal board is volume small, weight is light, operation is carried very convenient, the price is cheaper also, but its illuminant life is very short, colour is not very even also, and resolution is very low also. With the continuous progress of technology, LED home projector/projector began to appear, because its performance is more superior gradually occupied part of the market. 

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