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Close To The Teaching Scene, Let The Online Classroom Go Further
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Close To The Teaching Scene, Let The Online Classroom Go Further

In recent years, the state has vigorously developed education, promoted "Internet + education", developed new forms of education services, and made China's education move toward higher quality and fairer. In order to achieve this goal, Anhui was listed as one of the national educational informatization pilot provinces in 2012. It uses "online classroom" as the entry point, uses information technology to focus on teaching applications, expands the coverage of quality education resources, and promotes educational equity and education balance. development of.

How to create a dream knowledge for the depths of the Dabie Mountains

As a large agricultural province, there are a large number of schools and students in the mountainous areas of Anhui and remote areas, especially in the depths of the Dabie Mountains. For the mountain children staying here, the beautiful scenery is a "great bondage". The fascinating mountains retain the natural wonders and trap the children's dreams. Limited by the faculty, some courses in the school such as music, art, English, ideology and morality have different levels of teaching and quality. According to the author's investigation, there are nearly 5,000 teaching points for less than 50 people in Anhui Province.

Online classroom, soul comes from "interaction"

A good "online classroom" system, the soul must come from "interaction." In conjunction with the "educational interactive cloud", it is possible to achieve large-scale interaction at any time and any place; combined with the interaction of paper and pen, respecting the traditional teaching process, allowing students to return to the original pen and paper writing habits, responding to the "lower grade students reducing electronic screen use" "The provisions of the "eye protection interaction", become a new interactive choice outside the clicker, interactive tablet. The paper-pen interactive system can not only feedback the students' questions in real time to the remote large screen, but also automatically collect and analyze the classroom work data to form teaching big data, and provide a data foundation for further teaching and differentiated guidance to achieve higher Quality of the classroom control, student progress control.

"Online Classroom" is a tool for teaching based on "modern information technology"; "Online Classroom" is also a beneficiary of the continuous development of information technology. In the tide of technological innovation, new technologies and new applications including VR, AI, teaching robots, and learning partners will be added in the future. In the opinion of experts, online classroom is not a standard model, but a kind of "platform carrier". On this platform, continuous innovation and continuous integration into new technologies are the meaning of the in-depth and high-quality development of educational informationization. Many companies have already reached this standard, including the national team of education informatization Ovia.

"Education Informatization 2.0" is not the end, this is just a "small step" for the industry's dream catchers. Here, we call on more companies to join this dream. We always take education fairness, teaching innovation, and education reform as our mission. We will proceed from practice and to the scene, and strive to turn the best and latest technological breakthroughs into every one. A "teaching tool" in the hands of a teacher helps each child to dream of his own knowledge.
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